Click to see this image bigger... The hot air and the löyly rising up from the stove hit against the ceiling just above the stove. This löyly spreads out at the ceiling and the strongest flow goes towards the slightest resistance i.e. towards the longest free space, which is the corner opposite to the stove.

Especially when there is a long distance between the laude and the ceiling, the löyly goes along the ceiling to the farthest corner and makes that the hottest place in the sauna. In this case, the löylymaster who is sitting close to the stove, can keep sitting and throwing löyly as long as he likes, and cool down the stones.

The löylymasters do not throw löyly in order to get the stones cold but to get the same kind of löyly as in a family sauna. They are looking forward to the löyly hitting against their chest and shoulders as it would in a smaller family sauna. This is often impossible as the löyly goes over their heads to the opposite corner.

Click to see this image bigger... Even in a large sauna, the löyly can be customised to the family sauna like löyly. This is possible by building a löyly spoiler on the ceiling. The spoiler is 80-150 cm long 20-40 cm high board attached to the ceiling.

It prevents the löyly from spreading out towards the opposite corner and forces it towards the nearest bather, i.e. the löylymaster.

With the spoiler, the nearest laude gets the hottest löyly and the mildest place is behind the spoiler. This way we can make all bathers content: the toughest löyly thrower gets the hardest löyly and all other bathers can choose the place, where the löyly is to their liking.

In the case of a long distance between the laude and the ceiling, it may necessary to build a spoiler even towards the nearest laude. This spoiler must be lower, 5-10 cm, so that it forces the löyly down to the bather.

In many cases, and especially when the electric supply is limited, a spoiler is the only way to get a good löyly in the sauna. The effect of the spoiler can easily equal a 50 percent increase in electric capacity, depending on the size and the shape of the sauna. In a large sauna, a 20 kW stove with a spoiler can replace a 30 kW stove. This is not to be underrated: 10 kW savings per hour, 16 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calculated with 10 cents per kWh, it comes up to 5,840 USD savings a year.

Click to see this image bigger... The spoiler is handy even though there is no lack of löyly. The löyly can be taken from the ceiling by installing two or three 5 x 5 cm battens on the ceiling as shown in the enclosed picture. These battens make a soft turbulent blow, which brings löyly from ceiling to the bathers.

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