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The most important thing in planning the sauna is to remember, that the laude is the only useful area in sauna. All other constructions only serve going up to the laude.

The second important point of view is remember, that in a sauna the stove is like a campfire, which is surrounded by the bathers. This means the laude should be nearby the stove.

The third important thing is keep the size of sauna so small as possible (except family saunas). The fresh air in sauna is a matter of ventilation.

In large saunas it is also important to think how the loyly is spreading out in sauna.

The basic shape of sauna is square, where the laude is along the back wall and as long as the wall. It is important that there is no step between the stove and the second laude. Otherwise the laude is too far away from the stove.

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If there is need for more space in sauna, the best direction for widening is to add a laude on the other side of the stove. In figure there is a wide laude along the right wall of sauna. The second laude must a little wider so that it is easy to go to the right laude. This and the additional area for the bigger stove add the depth of sauna by 30-60 cm up to c. 240 cm.

Click to see this image bigger...The other laude more than doubles the laude area and still all the bathers are nearby the stove. Now there is room for 10 bathers and the floor area is not more than 9 square meters.



The next step to get more space is to add the same kind of laude on the left wall of sauna. Now there is room for 15 bathers and the floor area is only 12-13 square meters. It pays to add a löyly spoiler on the ceiling just over the left safety rail of the stove. This spoiler forces the löyly to go first to the right end of sauna. In this way bathers on the right get hot löyly and bathers on the left get mild löyly.

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If there is need for more room in sauna, the best solution is to build an other sauna cabin, because a still bigger sauna makes löyly
worse and is more expensive to use than two smaller saunas, see
building a big sauna.

In most cases there is a certain place for sauna cabin and it is not possible to build a completely new saunacabin. Also in this case
the one should remember:

-wide laude
-laude nearby the stove
-use löyly spoiler in a large sauna


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